Health-a-bet: F is for… Feast!

Thanksgiving is here, which means family, football, and food. Lots and lots of food. Since probably anyone taking the time to read this is health conscious, Thanksgiving is the oxymoron of holidays. Healthy eaters celebrating by taking in 3,000-4,000 calories of sugary potatoes, meat doused in gravy, and pie covered in whipped cream seems more frightening than festive, but it’s the holidays, so it’s just what we do, right?

Right. And wrong.

Holidays are celebrated with an abundance of food for those of us lucky enough to afford it. And there is nothing wrong with partaking in the festivities by loosening your belt a little and chowing down on your holiday favorites. In fact, you’ll have a much happier holiday if you aren’t counting calories in every single morsel. That being said, there are smarter ways to eat. First, eat breakfast and lunch and don’t try to save room for the big meal. There are always leftovers anyway. And if you fast for too long your metabolism is going to take all that turkey straight to the waistline. Second, since you’ll probably be taking seconds anyway, so pay attention to portion size and don’t overdo it on your first time around the table.

After the meal, convince Aunt Becky to take Fido on a walk with you, or gather the cousins for a game of touch football. Staying

active through the holidays is key to erasing the damage done. And finally, remember that it’s just one day. You won’t have another day of feasting for a month at Christmas, and not everyone is lucky enough to sit at a loaded table surrounded by family and loved ones. So eat, drink, and be thankful.

PS, check out my Flavors page for a few healthy holiday options!My best friend, Ej, and I love to eat!  My best friend, Ej, and I love to eat!